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What is is an URL shortening service, such as and but with one little twist, you can make money from every link you create! Today there are plenty of websites out there that gives you the opportunity to shorten your links in order to make them more appealing or to hide where the link actually leads. However, there are only a few of them that you can make money online from and is one of the best for just that. Later on in this thread I will show you some the different ways that you can use to make money with While is a great website you will most likely not make enough money from it to quit your day job, though it can build up over time and provide you with that money you need to start up your bigger projects online.


Click link below.You Can See HowTo Work it.  

How does work? is simply a link shortening service that serves ads in every link that you create. For every ad in your links that someone sees you will make money. The ad shows for 5 seconds before you can click “skip ad” and continue to the links destination. The amount of money you make is about $0.5 to $4.7 per thousand views as I’m writing this blog post. Below are some ways on how to make money online with

Displaying interstitial ads
Displaying interstitial ads in your links is the highest paying alternative. If you shrink a link with an interstitial advertisement in it people will see full screen advertising before they can continue to the links destination. The advertisement lasts for 5 seconds before the alternative of skipping it becomes available for the viewer.
Using a framed banner
Using a framed banner is a less “painful” alternative for everyone that clicks on your link. This is because the ad will not take up the whole screen; instead it will only show a banner at the top of the browser. However, you will not make as much money with this alternative as you would have done by using interstitial ads.
Full page scripts
Even though I’d advice not to use full page scripts it is still a service offered by Full page scripts is a code snippet that you place in your websites code to change all of your links to links. Doing so will make your users have to watch an ad every time they click on a link at your website. Sure, if you have thousand of visitors per day you can make some money with this, but you will most likely piss of everyone trying to browse your website.

Making money with
Finally I’m getting to the point! I suppose you mainly came here to get ideas on how to make money with and therefore I am going to list a few ways that you can make a decent sum of money with

Post on forums
If you know how a forum works then you will also know that there are plenty of forums out there that gets millions of views every month with hundreds of thousands members. Let’s say you know where to fins great Photoshop graphics, so you sign up with a design forum. You then create an link to these graphics (it could be anything from Photoshop brushes to logo designs).  Then you cleverly create a thread on the forum saying something like “Free logo designs for your website” with a little bit information and maybe some pictures of the logos inside. Then you place your link in the thread and say that they can download them from that site. If you do this actively you can get thousands of clicks on your links each day. This can be done in various forums, as long as you have something that the rest of the users want, for example eBooks, software, videos and so on.
Create videos on YouTube
YouTube is a great way to make money online and it even works with in some cases. If you know how to make videos you could create a video about a new software or song and then simply say that the link to download it is in the description. Since the video will most likely constantly get traffic you can duplicate this process and create many videos. In the end you might get thousands of clicks on your links every day on autopilot. And the more videos you upload, the more money you will make.
Everyday linking to things
If you’re active at websites such as twitter, facebook or similar websites you can easily make some money online from them. In the end, the more links you create the more you will earn, just post them on highly trafficked websites. The links will most likely stay forever and you will earn residual money from them forever. Though, you should not overdo this, putting links in instant messenger chats gives little to no money and only wastes time for you and the one clicking the link.

Where to start?
So now i have your attention and your ready to earn some money with, all you have to do now is click on one of the below banners to create an account so you can start rolling in the cash!
Please feel free to advertise for the good of those who are missing out on this great opportunity; to advertise, copy the code below your desired banner and paste it into your forums signature or just post it around.

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