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Nokia’s New “Need for Speed” Mobile Phone is the Lumia 900 #WindowsPhone

Neonpunch takes on Nokia in a speed battle!

While most heads are turning to look at Microsoft’s new Surface tablet, in Hong Kong Nokia Hong Kong has released the Lumia 900 mobile phone.

Over the last couple of weeks in the lead up to its release the mobile giant has had a number of marketing campaigns to show off how much faster and easier it is to post and share things on Facebook using the new Lumia 900.

At the media event launching the new device three technology journalists were challenged to a speed test and one of them was us, using a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 we bravely took on the Nokiliath of a mobile phone maker.

Sadly all three of us journalists were beaten by the new Lumia 900 by a few seconds, although our contention is that we could have been faster if we had practiced before hand like the Nokia technician had. Yes, we think we were hustled but all we can do now is blame ourselves for our ineptness. Well played Nokia, well played.

This is Nokia’s latest Windows OS powered mobile phone, which has seen a few upgrades over the Lumia 800. The Nokia Lumia 900 features a 4.3” WVGA AMOLED clear black screen, making it the largest display screen in the Lumia series. The new Lumina sports a 1.4GHz processor, 16GB internal memory, up to 42Mbits download speed, and WiFi tethering. The 900 also has an 8MP Carl Zeiss Camera and is the first in the Lumia series to have a front-facing camera. 
Nokia Lumia 900 is preloaded with IE9 Mobile. Internet browsing is improved with high download speeds and the support of HTML5. Users can share URLs directly on social media sites or via email. Users can call telephone numbers displayed on a website directly, and directly locate an address on Nokia Maps. Users can pin frequently used websites onto the homescreen for their convenience.

All smartphones in the Nokia Lumia series support SkyDrive. Users can log on with their Windows Live ID and receive 25GB of free storage. Not only can users browse, create and edit Microsoft Office documents, they can also save to other devices and share with others via Windows Live.
Pricing and availability
The Nokia Lumia 900 is now available in White, Blue and Black, at retail price of HK$4,798.


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Lumia 900 S.K Rating: 5 Friday, November 30, 2012

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