LG New Phones 2012 Due For Release In The Course Of The Year

LG New Phones 2012 Due For Release In The Course Of The Year

Lg new phones 2012 are smartphones that will be released into the competitive mobile phone market by this company in the course of the year. The mobile market has become pretty competitive with many new entrants making some impact. One of the latest of these phones is the LG Spectrum which was recently showcased at the Consumer Electronic Show or CES 2012. This phone will make its debut on Verizon wireless. This smartphone has a 1.5GHz dual core processor and a 4.5 inch LCD display screen. It is a 4G LTE smartphone and will operate android 2.3 OS and will also feature an 8MP digital camera with 1080p video footage.

Lg new phones 2012 include the LG Spectrum which is expected to be a hit with customers. The reason is that this powerful and modern smartphone is well designed and well built with great features. It will also come preloaded with ESPN Score Center which will attract sports fans to this phone. This center will also include HD video with great screen resolution. While it does not feature android ice cream sandwich, this software will be made available very soon. LG is one of the major players in the smartphone industry and has produced a good number of smartphones that have done really well in the market in the recent past. This firm is expected to maintain their momentum in this year, moving forward with even more advanced and attractive phones. One of their renowned devices is the custom made luxury phone Versace Fashion mobile phone. It is a powerful yet luxury phone with a warranty of up to 6 months. Lg new phones 2012 also includes some yet unknown or unannounced smartphones. These are expected to be announced in the coming days. Customers are eagerly awaiting these phones so they may know which phones they will get for this year.

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