Sony Alpha A99

Sony Alpha A99

Sony's new full-frame flagship is top-of-the-line in every way, except when it comes to price. A $2,800 sticker undercuts Canon's $3,500 5D Mark III and Nikon's $3,000 D800, and the camera's compact footprint and lighter weight make it feel more akin to the two less-capable models you'll find below. This more comfortable design is compliments of Sony's Translucent Mirror technology, which also enables faster autofocus. While it's still not cheap, we feel that a full-frame sensor is the key component that should make you consider a full-size DSLR -- for most consumers, the mirrorless models above will absolutely suffice, saving your wallet, and your neck, in the process.
Key specs: Full-frame 24-MP sensor, 25,600 top ISO, 10 fps stills, 1080/60p video with uncompressed output.

Price: $2,798 on Amazon


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Sony Alpha A99 S.K Rating: 5 Tuesday, December 18, 2012

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